Patient Intake

Product Overview

Patient Intake is a workflow application that enables list of patients created by other applications to be routed to a series of users based on roles. Users can add, update or remove patients from the list before routing the patient record to the next person in the workflow. This application is required when deploying Patient Stratification as a patient list source for Care Coordination. In-Development

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  • Multiple workflows
  • Multiple user roles and privileges
  • Fully integrated with other Health Catalyst applications to import lists of patients from Patient Stratification and output patient lists to the care team using Care Coordination
  • Flexible import and export to support non-Catalyst systems and applications like EMR based care coordination.
  • Fast and easy to setup and maintain via web-based administration.


Benefits Include:

  • Decrease complexity and costs associated with the use of spreadsheets to facilitate patient intake.
  • A single application can support multiple care management, specialty care or research programs.

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Data Sources

  • Patient Stratification or other Health Catalyst application
  • Care Coordination or other 3rd party care management system.
  • Spreadsheets or database tables in 3rd party applications