Identify and Prioritize Your Highest-value Improvement Opportunities

Most healthcare organizations are challenged by the arduous work of identifying their highest-value improvement opportunities. They struggle to prioritize their improvement efforts because EMR reports don’t compare cost, utilization, or variation across populations. Alleviate this burden with a strategic, data-driven approach to opportunity analysis.

Service Overview

Executive Advisory Group

Meaningful guidance

With decades of experience in the c-suite—pioneering the future at some of the nation’s largest health organizations—our experts provide meaningful guidance that drive healthcare outcomes improvement. Their broad and deep experience in creating and implementing data-driven action plans can help health systems achieve positive transformation.

Best Practices

Evidence- and consensus- based

We help you develop and integrate evidence- and consensus- based best practices, and build the capability to automatically measure how consistently these practices are being used and their impact on healthcare outcomes.

Next-Generation Technologies

DOS and Touchstone

Our Touchstone analytics application uses artificial intelligence to proactively identify where your organization is performing well (and underperforming), and then recommends and prioritizes opportunities for improvement. Touchstone is built on our data operating system (DOS) platform that integrates data from over 160 numerous disparate sources.

Why Our Approach to Opportunity Analysis Is Different

Health systems need technology solutions that can accurately identify variation (deviations from standard practice, shared baselines, and benchmarks), but these data-driven insights become even more powerful when combined with insights from our nationally recognized experts.

We help you identify and prioritize your most meaningful improvement areas by looking across your clinical, costing, and claims systems to dig into key quality, financial, and operational metrics. We use severity-adjusted analysis and coefficients of variation to look at apples-to-apples comparisons when ranking vastly different care processes.

Benefits and Features

  • Save money and resources.
    We help you score the value and effort of each opportunity—and decrease your labor costs associated with clinical utilization, risk, and cohort analysis—so you can focus finite resources on only your most highest ROI improvement areas.
  • Increase organizationwide engagement and trust.
    Our strategic, data-driven approach to prioritizing improvement opportunities increases stakeholder trust and engagement.
  • Increase the likelihood of your improvement work’s success.
    We evaluate your data while considering the unique context of your entire organization: your readiness for change, your capacity for improvement work, etc.

"Turn your raw data into insight, and your insight into action."

- Tom Burton, Chief Improvement Officer