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Leading Wisely®

Product Overview

Leading Wisely is a new generation executive decision support system with personalized watch-lists, configurable visualizations and customizable alerts and notifications; giving you the data and foresight to deal with every-day and unexpected challenges.

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  • Visibility across all of your key measures and goals to strategize, balance, and optimize your performance.
  • Provides a single source of cross-organizational truth via the Health Catalyst data warehouse.
  • Gives real-time ability to slice-and-dice different vertical or horizontal views with additional drill-down capabilities.


Prioritize and communicate with proactive notifications, alerts, and social interactions.

  • Allows leaders to quickly manage, track and engage workgroups with informed insight.


Measures Include:

  • Choose from standard industry measures or use your own key leadership measures where the data is available.
  • Use system targets, national averages, benchmarks or set your own.

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Data Sources

  • EMR
  • Excel
  • Claims
  • HR
  • Ambulatory
  • Finance
  • ODS

Leading Wisely: A Deeper View


Multiple data contact points in the form of reports, dashboards, or other visualizations are common; each may be reviewed regularly, require information from multiple domains in multiple formats, and often requires logging in to multiple systems. Attempts at comprehensive assimilation and alignment occurs using various creative techniques, but often misses the mark.

Monitoring measures from various systems leads to lack of consistency in date range, cohort selection and even how the measures are calculated.  The level of integration and consistency in measures across business units provided in this tool is unprecedented.

Problem Summary

Healthcare organizations are encountering information overload.  Many experience ‘report fatigue’ spending a significant amount of time collecting and interpreting data—hidden within a variety of reports and competing formats—to find what is meaningful to them. Expensive IT projects usually center around an EMR, but those tools have not provided leadership with the tools needed to closely manage and communicate the outcomes of improvement projects.


This application is intended for C-Suite executives and leadership, but useful for leaders throughout the organization.

Use Cases

  • Create one version of the truth.
  • Executive leadership wants to monitor a particular measure, configure an alert if the measure trends outside a set of parameters, and have the alert sent via email to a list of responsible colleagues.
  • An executive or leader wants to be sent a text message when the hospital is within 10% of capacity.
  • Configuring alerts on measures provides freedom from reports until a notification that something has changed is triggered.

Success Measures

  • Opportunity Identification:
    • Reduce the number of reports leaders must request, monitor and interpret into a single source of truth.
    • Create the ability to configure customizable push notifications when data changes.
  • Process Improvements:
    • Empower leaders and teams by configuring timely notifications regarding actionable data.
    • Increase the transparency in measures, system targets and goals.
  • Outcomes Improvement:
    • Increase the ability to align projects across the organization by tracking measures and targets.
    • Increase daily monitoring of measures using alerts; configure alerts to communicate to the right people about the right measure at the right time.
    • Example: One client saved $1M by monitoring its progress toward a goal daily, with financial incentives tied to improvement.