What is the Leading Wisely Dashboard Solution?

The Leading Wisely dashboard is a healthcare decision support solution. As a web-based data visualization and information sharing tool, Leading Wisely allows leaders at every level to visualize, monitor, share, and report performance information—no technical skill required.

Leading Wisely groups and summarizes data, allowing users to explore while protecting PHI. By eliminating the licensing cost and lengthy development work required by higher-order business intelligence tools, this healthcare decision support application allows decision-makers to access data when they need it.

Leading Wisely Benefits and Features

Align knowledge systemwide so teams can work in sync and achieve aims faster.

Your EDW’s single source of truth for unprecedented access to and consistency of measures across business.

Give decision makers the power to serve themselves when they need answers.

Low-cost and highly scalable, the application serves data to the masses in a customizable and secure fashion (aggregated views contain no personal health information [PHI]).

Improve clinical quality while cutting costs.

Set system targets and goals, track time to meet them and get alerts when thresholds are crossed.

Silence the data noise and tune in to only what truly matters.

With Leading Wisely’s powerhouse configurability, every user can choose which measures to view on their dashboard and how they want to view them (chart, scorecard, watchlist card, radial gauge, etc.).

Answer the most complex questions using specialized integrations.

Get pre-built DOS populations and forecast data right in your dashboard using integrations for Population Builder and Data Science forecasting.

Leading Wisely Use Cases

  • A Patient Safety Officer had no way to share progress in and make others aware of CAUTI and CLABSI programs. After she implemented Leading Wisely patient safety dashboards and displayed them on large screens in various locations in the hospital, teams can now use the data during daily rounds and review progress toward goals weekly.
  • A CFO was unable to compare key volume and revenue metrics because different locations used different definitions or did not collect data at all. He used Leading Wisely to develop 13 standardized measures and monitor them daily, allowing him to address performance issues before month’s end. He was able to replace two reporting systems, saving more than 500 hours annually.
  • A CMIO was unable to effectively implement an evidence-based maternity care program because the hospital lacked centralization. She used Leading Wisely as a central governance tool enabled and implemented a standard set of 50 improvement measures to analyze effectiveness at the department level. Waiting time for data-informed answers dropped drastically, increasing leaders’ ability to find trends. This saved 1,500 hours of manual calculation and reporting annually.
  • A CNO needs to retain an ANCC Magnet status and uses Leading Wisely to gain insight into the accreditation measures. He monitors organizational quality metrics and operational metrics. He configures notifications to alert him when value