What Is Interoperability: Community Orchestrate?

Community Orchestrate provides access to near real-time clinical data for improved point-of-care decision support. Unlike traditional approaches to interoperability, Community Orchestrate is aligned with a world-class analytics platform to help enable better insights from the data.

Community Orchestrate is standards-based, industry-certified technology, trusted to power geocentric health information exchange nationwide. With proven scalable solutions that include tens of billions of clinical transactions per year and thousands of connected hospitals, Community Orchestrate has a blueprint for successful implementations and offers customized advisory services to accelerate time-to-value and to drive adoption.

Community Orchestrate Benefits and Features

Augment existing data assets.

Leverage analytics with community-wide clinical data (beyond just the hospital sources).

Offer bi-directional data exchange.

Increase trust and affinity with affiliated ambulatory providers.

Provide access to near real-time clinical data.

Improve point-of-care decision support.

Community Orchestrate Use Cases

  • A clinician spends a significant amount of time trying to gather patient history. Without appropriate access, she is unable to establish an effective treatment plan. She uses Community Orchestrate to view a single longitudinal record from across the clinical community, helping her make the right decisions.
  • A nurse can’t access a patient’s previous lab results, so he re-orders the same test again. With Community Orchestrate, he can see the recent results and avoids duplicate tests and unnecessary waste.
  • A director of population health has no way of understanding and addressing high-risk conditions before they lead to costly treatment. With Community Orchestrate she can proactively identify high-risk patients and better manage the health of my patient population, while focusing on the needs of individual patients with the right interventions.