Product Overview

DOS combines data from many proprietary source systems, breaking it free from a complicated, expensive monolith that locks data away, to provide actionable insights. DOS delivers those insights into your workflows in the present moment.

DOS leverages healthcare data locked in expensive, tightly coupled transaction systems and combines and standardizes it, providing real-time streaming and low-latency processing to provide analytics soon after events are recorded. DOS is easily upgradable, scalable, and extensible, allowing analysts to build data-first analytic applications fast in response to the demands of a changing healthcare business landscape.

Benefits & Features

Ingest and combine terabytes of data from multiple sources with the Flash Data Engine

The Flash Data Engine is the first data engine built from the ground up specifically for the healthcare data needs of today and tomorrow.

Design custom solutions, or enhance existing solutions, with open-source RESTful APIs

APIs are a way to integrate DOS with your solutions. Open and extensible APIs enable you to build your own DOS applications over a standard but extensible data model, including clinical, claims, patient satisfaction, cost, person, terminology, surgery, or use third-party applications to customize and enhance your DOS.

Security and access management

A data security and authorization subsystem controls access to the platform's data marts, system configuration tables, and management applications.

Integrate native AI and machine learning into existing data pipelines

DOS lets you easily integrate machine learning into existing data pipelines and provides AI pipelines and AI models so you can create the right insights.

Infuse natural language processing into your solutions

DOS naturally supports analyzing unstructured data, such as physician’s notes, and turning it into discrete data for analysis.

Create a services-based architecture

Leverage microservices without having to learn and manage them. Cloud-based services are presented as simple-to-use web-based applications.

Host data in Microsoft Azure

Client data centers are hosted in Microsoft Azure, which secures data with Microsoft’s HITRUST foundation. Cloud hosting improves scalability and easily integrates machine learning into existing data pipelines.

Automate and scale data governance

DOS ensures healthcare leaders and clinicians have access to consistent, quality data to help them make better decisions. Together they use the tool to collaborate and create standard common definitions.

Software Applications

Source Mart Designer (SMD)
A data architecting software tool that automatically extracts data from source systems, brings it into the Health Catalyst Data Operating System, and maps it to source marts for downstream use in visualization tools.
Subject Area Mart Designer (SAMD)
A data mart architecting software tool that rapidly constructs, deploys, and executes subject area marts in an automated, repeatable way with simple SQL code to organize data from multiple sources for consumption by business intelligence and analytical visualization applications.
DOS Operations Console
A web-based extract, transform, and load (ETL) management dashboard for data warehouse managers and data and analytical engineers to configure and schedule jobs, load data into the Health Catalyst Data Operating System, monitor its health, and use advanced diagnostics to proactively resolve problems.
Atlas Data Governance
A web-based index of metadata stored in the Health Catalyst Data Operating System that supports data governance.
Instant Data Entry Application (IDEA)
A web-based application that collects custom sets of data for instant entry into DOS. IDEA builds and deploys custom web applications to collect data not captured in an EDW for critical reporting and analysis.