Application Overview

DOS Operations Console’s flexible scheduling engine lets data warehouse managers and data engineers create jobs that load data the way they choose. Highly configurable job definitions allow users to select which tables to load, choose how to validate the load, and opt to send notifications on the status of the load.

Highly configurable job definitions offer options such as selecting from a list which tables to load, choosing how to validate the load, and opting when or if to send notifications on the status of the load.In addition, a clean, easy-to-use UI enables sorting, filtering, and searching current jobs that are running, and quickly identifies loading issues.

Through event-driven execution, users can delay processing until prerequisites are fulfilled and specify an amount of time to wait for prerequisites to resolve. They can also dictate that an action is performed on timeout and configure notifications to be sent. Additionally, the console updates to show the prerequisite information so that a user can see what entities an entity is waiting on.

Benefits & Features

Easily configure and optimize batches with user-friendly display of sources brought into DOS, batch definitions for each source system, and package listings that allow drill-down to discover impediments.

Efficiently execute and monitor ETL tasks with batch scheduling capabilities,ETL task launching and relaunching and status checking.

Gain visibility into the health of DOS with display of batch and table load history, detailed logging for tables, and error messages when loads fail.

Work within a clean, intuitive UI to sort, filter, and search jobs currently running in the data warehouse and drill into historic data for signs of loading impediments.