Excessive clicks to perform basic functions, overly complicated workflows, and lack of data integration between systems lead to provider burnout, a reduction in the effectiveness of delivery of care, and increased clinician turnover.

Closed-Loop Analytics™ aggregates multiple sources of data into a customized workflow within the EHR, or optimizes an existing workflow, that allow end users to more effectively use their data by surfacing clear, concise calls to action at key workflow decision points for users such as physicians, other clinical providers, and financial and operational teams.

With reliable, actionable data accessible at the patient bedside, providers are 15x more likely to act and they experience 6x less clicks to perform the same functions within the EHR. The result? Less time behind a computer and more time with patients.

Improve Workflow and Decision Making

Increases provider and administrator efficiency with data integration.

Streamline EHR processes, reduce excessive clicks, and reduce provider burnout by embedding analytic output into a workflow tool like the EHR.

Integrates data analytics into your workflow.

Increase effectiveness of analytics products by integrating data analytics into workflow components that translate to actionable insights for the end user.

Real-time data solution integration.

Access real-time data at the decision point to steer accurate decision-making the first time.