What Is Charlie for Refill Management?

Healthfinch for Health CatalystHealthfinch by Health Catalyst: Charlie for Refill Management provides medication renewal decision support directly in the EHR workflow, allowing providers and their staff to streamline prescription renewal workflows. The combination of technology, protocol content, and workflow optimization enable health systems to deliver a better, safer patient experience.

How Does it Work?

When a renewal request is received, Charlie for Refill Management reviews the patient chart for relevant data, compares it against more than 1,000 protocols to determine whether the request is safe to renew, then summarizes data from the patient’s chart and recommends next steps (e.g., approve the renewal, follow up with the patient to close care gaps, etc.).

Charlie for Refill Management Benefits and Features

Save provider time—and reduce provider burnout.

Reduce the number of renewal requests needing provider review by up to 60 percent and promote safe delegation of requests from providers to staff.

Automate documentation in the EHR.

Review each request against the appropriate protocol and review recommendations right in the EHR workflow so staff completing the request immediately know if the renewal meets protocol criteria, has care gaps, requires provider approval, is a duplicate, or has errors.

Increase quality through standardization.

Provide over 1,000 evidence-based, customizable prescription renewal protocols, which enables consistent care delivery across a health system and positively impacts quality measures.

Proactively identify care gaps and increase revenue.

Reference evidence-based protocols and identify outstanding care gaps (e.g., missing labs) for a patient’s active medications at the time of any prescription renewal and rely on EHR alerts to close gaps in care.

Charlie for Refill Management Case Studies

Charlie for Refill Management Use Cases

  • A healthcare system wanted to offload tasks from clinicians so that staff could operate at the top of their license and focus on the patients in front of them. Its goal was to centralize the refill service and to delegate these routine tasks to nonclinical technicians. The team found that Charlie for Refill Management helped them achieve that goal. Today, more than 65 percent of the healthcare system’s refills are processed by nonclinical technicians, and technician efficiency has increased threefold.
  • A patient-centered medical home was looking for a way to consistently create capacity for its medical assistants to spend more time with patients before every provider visit. Prescription renewal workload had grown, reaching 10,000 requests per month. Though medication protocols were in place, they were not consistently followed and created a liability for the organization. As a solution, Healthfinch implemented Charlie for Refill Management to standardize and delegate much of the renewal process. The results: 60 percent fewer requests sent to providers, 30 refills processed per hour, and turnaround time reduced to 24 hours.