Foundational Software Applications

Registries and Measures

Increase analyst effectiveness and reduce analytics development time.


Use AI to proactively identify where your organization is performing well, underperforming, and prioritize areas improvement.

Dashboards & Reporting

A new generation of executive decision support system with personalized watch-lists, configurable visualizations, and customizable alerts and notifications.

Domain-Specific Software Applications

Activity-Based Costing

Manage the true cost of care with manufacturing-style, activity-based costing that is scalable and maintainable.

Care Management Suite

From identifying patients to customizing care, design, deliver, and measure the most effective program for your organization.

Patient Safety

Proactive trigger-based analytics that alert you when all-cause harm conditions are present, so you can prevent patient safety events from occurring.

Population Health Foundations Solution™

Leverage data and analytics for clinical and financial transformation.

Population Builder™: Stratification Module

Rapidly and transparently identify stratified patient lists ready for population health interventions.

Quality and Regulatory Measures

One authoritative, comprehensive system for quality measures.

Refill Management

Healthfinch® by Health Catalyst: Charlie™ for Refill Management – The healthcare industry’s most trusted, most used prescription renewal delegation engine.

Tailored Analytic Accelerators

Clinical Analytic Accelerators

Accelerate your clinical improvements with our suite of tailored accelerators, including CAUTI, CLABSI, COPD, Sepsis, Pediatric Sepsis, Diabetes, and much more.

Patient Safety

A suite of tailored patient safety accelerators designed to help you improve patient safety outcomes.

ACO Analytic Accelerators

Realize faster time-to-value with ACO Analytic Accelerators such as MSSP Measures, HCC Insights, and PMPM Analyzer.

Operational Analytic Accelerators

Get highly-specific operational insights with Supply Chain, Patient Flow, Labor Management, and other operational analytic accelerators.

Financial Analytic Accelerators

Gain important financial insights with Financial Management Explorer Revenue Cycle, HIM Documentation Workflow, and other financial analytic accelerators.