What is the Able Health Quality Measures Solution?

Able Health by Health Catalyst is a quality measures solution that combines complete data, measures, visualizations, and workflows (monitor, improve, and submit) into one system. Starting with quality data aggregated by the Health Catalyst Data Operating System (DOS™), the three components of the Able Health solution create an authoritative, comprehensive system for quality measures:

  • Measures engine that calculates performance.
  • Performance dashboard that displays measure performance.
  • Submission engine that submits data to payers.


Why Choose the Able Health Quality Measures Solution?

Centralized, master record of quality data.

Combine and standardize complete quality data from complete sources.

Comprehensive measures engine.

Calculate complete performance for a complete list of provider quality measures from different payers and programs using complete quality data (claims and clinical) for each measure.

Purposeful performance dashboard.

Visualize complete performance metrics (including benchmarks, star ratings, and even the MIPS scoring system) for daily tracking, prioritizing, and internal reporting for all stakeholders, especially physicians.

Connected submission engine.

Submit complete and compliant data to commercial payers and Medicare (for the MIPS program).

More Than Quality Measures

Able Health goes beyond quality measurement, whether your focus is population health, tracking your MIPS score, or managing quality and risk scoring across patient populations.

Able Health Use Cases

A chief quality officer needs to calculate, track, and report on quality measures, but time-consuming data processes based on incomplete quality data from disparate sources make it challenging to improve provider performance. Able Health simplifies the entire end-to-end quality data process with a centralized platform and approach, enabling quality leaders to optimize measures performance.

A service-line leader needs to set a baseline and work with providers to improve outcomes in a unit, but a backlog in analytics tickets is holding up their ability to identify care gaps. With the Able Health Application, quality analysts can support service-line and unit-level leadership by quickly accessing data and reviewing dashboards for care gaps.This informs hands-on care with patients, improving their quality of life. Quality teams and providers can view patient-level details, implement improvements, and work to hit their performance targets.