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Break free from the siloes of traditional drug development with next-generation data. Access real-world data from a deep pool of diverse payers and providers to generate insights that guide clinical trials design optimization, site selection, and recruitment. Understand how your products perform in a real clinical setting to keep patients safe and meet regulatory processes.

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Real-World Data

Leverage a data platform that integrates hundreds of data sources including clinical, claims, cost, and third-party data. Access and utilize real-world data from millions of patients with trillions of facts comprising clinical, molecular, and financial data elements.

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Real-World Evidence

Comprehensive, validated, unbiased real-world data results in real-world evidence that meets regulatory standards. Nourish trusted relationships with global providers across the care continuum and access analytics and clinical and operational expertise to derive real-world insights and measure real-world outcomes.

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Clinical Trials

Rapidly identify patient cohorts, PIs, and sites for clinical trials with analytics tools. Quickly determine feasibility for real-world evidence studies and create connections with clients’ clinical trials and research offices. Track and manage patient recruitment, Institutional Review Board submission, protocol implementation, and rules of engagement for optimal clinical trial success.

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Health Catalyst Research Network™

Connect and collaborate with healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and contract research organizations to accelerate clinical research. Combining clinical research institutions and industry organizations maximizes the value of collaboration, fosters connections, and aids future partnerships.

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Touchstone Match™

Access the right blend of expertise, technology, and research-grade data for optimal clinical studies. Touchtone® transforms existing data from a network of healthcare systems to align with organizations’ specific needs. Pop Analyzer™ extracts data from multiple sources to enable quick, transparent development of cohorts for clinical studies. Healthcare.AI™ Expert Services provides access to data sciences experts who can maximize augmented intelligence in every use case.

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Learn how Health Catalyst can help you maximize your data and drive massive, measurable improvement.

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