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Expedite research timelines, optimize research design, and improve patient outcomes through access to a new source of research-grade data, rapid cohort creation, automated patient engagement, and augmented intelligence.

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Touchstone Match™

An AI-powered, real-world data solution, that puts a new source of diverse, research-grade clinical data at your fingertips, improving decision making and accelerating the success of the clinical development life cycle.

Researchers utilize Touchstone Match to:

  • Implement one user-friendly solution for feasibility research, real-world data, and trial startup for research-naive sites.
  • Build and run queries to quickly identify patient cohorts.
  • Quickly drill into patient-level and longitudinal data, providing novel insights into known populations.
  • Optimize protocol design with analytics, including advanced AI and ML capabilities for rare and unstructured insights.
  • Recognize a more accurate feasibility assessment, reduced recruitment timeline, and accelerated first patient in (FPI).
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Access a new source of data outside of Academic Medical Centers that is more representative of healthcare. Touchstone provides access to patient-level data across 30%+ of healthcare organizations, including HCOs and community hospitals. Data is transformed into high-quality, research grade data to support real-world data and clinical research use cases.

This greater diversity of sources enables better representation in clinical research and trials, leading to better health equity and patient outcomes.

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Health Catalyst Research Network™

Join a carefully curated, national data ecosystem for thought leadership and mutual knowledge exchange to transform care delivery and drug development research through next-gen insights. The Health Catalyst Research Network establishes new connections and scales collaborations between providers, biopharma companies and CROs.

Health Catalyst is uniquely positioned to support these collaborations through existing industry connections and technical integrations.

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Twistle™ by Health Catalyst

Utilize patient engagement software that guides and engages patients throughout all phases of the patient journey. From clinical trials through commercialization, Twistle automates HIPAA-compliant text messages that keep patients on-track and supported throughout their care journey.

Life science companies use Twistle to:

  • Automatically recruit patients for clinical trials (coming soon).
  • Keep patients engaged throughout clinical trials (coming soon).
  • Provide engaging educational resources and reminders.
  • Coordinate deliveries and refills.
  • Optimize test and device compliance.
  • Improve adherence rates.
  • Collect satisfaction surveys and patient-reported outcomes.
  • Build brand loyalty and customer retention.
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Expert Services

Leverage Healthcare.AI Expert Services to maximize augmented intelligence and machine learning in every use case.

Access a team of data scientists and subject matter experts to review data sets and evaluate the quality of a query and underlying data and to complete feasibility assessments.

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Learn how Health Catalyst can help your organization to expedite your research timelines and improve the patient experience.

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