AI and Data Science

Don’t rely on isolated analytic attempts to improve performance with no impact. Take revenue, cost, and quality to the next level with AI and data science at the core of your strategy and operations. Apply AI on the front end to help analysts and leaders achieve measurable transformation that is spread, scaled, and sustained.

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Healthcare AI

Expand the use of self-service AI into your mainstream analytics. With one click, Healthcare.AI is up and running in your existing business intelligence tools and applications, producing valuable insights in minutes.

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Predictive Models

Choose, build, or optimize from more than 1,000 predictive models. Then, leverage expert guidance in selecting or calibrating self-service predictive models with the greatest likelihood of demonstrating real results.

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Retrospective Comparison

Bring together years of experience, rigorous methods, and advanced augmented intelligence to ensure that you are drawing the best conclusions from your data given your goals, preferences, circumstances, and assets. Doing so saves time and reduces organizational friction to change.

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Prescriptive Optimization

Asking the question “how will we know?” is the difference between being able to demonstrate improvement and hoping something worked. Hoping often results not only in suboptimal solutions but in wasted resources. Prescriptive optimization (effective planning) requires deep knowledge of healthcare and available tools and techniques for answering questions.

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AI and Data Science Offerings

Learn how Health Catalyst can help you maximize your data and drive massive, measurable improvement.

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