Women of Color STEM Awards Recognizes Health Catalyst’s Nadine Louis for Outstanding Achievement

Nadine Louis, a Client Success Director and Shades Affinity Group Chair at Health Catalyst, was named a 2023 Women of Color (WOC) STEM Outstanding Achievement Award recipient and Technology All-Star honoree. This award recognizes women who have excelled in technical leadership and managerial roles within their respective companies.

The 28th WOC STEM DTX Conference has supported women in STEM, providing them with opportunities to network and enhance their education and careers. The award recognizes women who have surpassed traditional gender roles in STEM by spotlighting their innovative approaches, professional responsibilities, and the economic impact of their decisions on their respective organizations.

Louis has over 20 years of experience leading teams in healthcare account management. Before transitioning to the health technology sector, she worked as an educator, providing computer training to medical professionals. Driven by her desire to educate others, she continued to offer software application support to hospitals before eventually joining Health Catalyst. Louis’s primary responsibility in her current role is to support her team and clients, ensuring their satisfaction with Health Catalyst solutions and services.

“Nadine’s servant leadership, skills, and kindness contribute to her tremendous successes,” said Trudy Sullivan, Health Catalyst’s Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer. “Health Catalyst is grateful to Nadine for giving so much of herself and her time as an Affinity Group Steering Committee volunteer leader. Thanks to Nadine’s efforts, we are more diverse, inclusive, innovative, and competitive.”

Nadine said that she enjoys working beside her team and celebrating each person’s unique value. As a dedicated team leader, Louis fosters a working environment that is safe and nurturing by promoting active listening, mentorship, and servant leadership. This enables team members to exceed client expectations, she said.

She is also a wife and mother who actively engages her community. When asked how she balances her professional and personal responsibilities and volunteerism, she credits her faith in God for providing her with the will, energy, and courage to use her talents and skills to help others. Louis’ ability to understand and share the feelings of others is also what sets her apart. This deep empathy drives her to generously support those in need, and it is no surprise that she is always willing to lend a helping hand, according to individuals who know her well.

Furthermore, Louis’ positive outlook on life serves as a source of inspiration to her team. Her unwavering dedication to clients, strong work ethic, and belief in the inherent value of every person are just a few of the qualities highlighted in the numerous recommendations supporting her nomination for this award.

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