Twistle Named Top Company in Patient Education by AVIA Connect

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Twistle by Health Catalyst® was recognized as a Top Company in Patient Education upon the conclusion of extensive research and outreach by AVIA Connect, a leading digital health marketplace.

Twistle, a patient engagement platform that helps patients and caregivers navigate complex health journeys, was featured in AVIA Connect’s Top Patient Education Companies Report. The annual report showcases digital patient education companies and solutions with proven market traction to help healthcare leaders identify which solutions might meet their needs and narrow their selection.

“The pace of change in healthcare is accelerating,” said Dhiraj Patkar, SVP of Digital Health Solutions at AVIA. “AVIA Connect and the Top 50 report respond to a critical market need: providing health systems with insights and clarity into the rapidly evolving patient education space. We are thrilled to help health systems understand and identify solutions that can accelerate their ability to supply tailored health education content to the patient throughout the care continuum.”

AVIA has identified that innovative patient education systems go beyond content improvement efforts; instead, these systems employ educational platforms that put the patient at the center of the care journey.

Rather than requiring a patient or caregiver to absorb critical care plan information before or upon discharge, Twistle delivers proactive, timely education at the right time to allow patients and caregivers to absorb and utilize the information, resulting in reduced phone calls and administrative work for care teams and higher patient engagement and satisfaction scores.

To be considered for AVIA’s Top Patient Education Companies Report and considered a full-service patient education solution, Twistle demonstrated the ability to:

  • Provide robust patient education offerings, improving care plan adherence, patient outcomes, and higher patient satisfaction scores.
  • Deliver educational materials and engagement opportunities to patients and caregivers through an automated and personalized process.
  • Provide clinically validated on-demand health education at the right time and place in a patient’s care journey in a format that’s accessible to them.
  • Deliver content that adjusts to accommodate the evolving health needs of individual patients, including medication updates, health changes, test results, and more.
  • Track how and when patients consume content to further fine-tune individual care journeys for current and future patients.

Using Twistle, hospitals and health systems can supply tailored health education information to patients to help guide them throughout their care journeys. By deploying standardized content and care plans across multiple facilities and patient populations, health organizations can reduce the variability of care and improve quality. Twistle offers a large library of clinically validated communication pathways, delivered to patients in the right format at the appropriate time, while also evolving content delivery as patient health conditions improve or decline. With a wide variety of clinical use cases, including surgical/procedural care, chronic disease, behavioral health, cardiology, and population health, Twistle has been deployed across multiple service lines to improve care and streamline clinical workflows across the health system.

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