Farhana Nakhooda Q&A with BioSpectrum Asia Edition

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By Hithaishi C Bhaskar | November 2021

The Asia Pacific faces a growing prevalence of chronic diseases, or non-communicable diseases (NCDs), prompted by the rise in aging populations. In fact, 55 percent all deaths in Southeast Asia are due to NCDs, which pose a significant burden on health systems in the region.

A data-driven approach to managing the health of patient populations with NCDs can significantly alleviate this burden. Biospectrum Asia spoke to Farhana Nakhooda, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific at Health Catalyst, Singapore who shared additional insight on the importance of population health management in the Asia Pacific, challenges faced by health systems in managing population health and the opportunity for data and analytics to enhance population health management, improving patient outcomes, and reducing healthcare expenses.

* Note – Farhana’s commentary starts on page 38 of the e-magazine

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