Carle Health Earns 2024 Catalyst Award for Tech-Enabled Managed Services Analytics

Carle Health was honored with the 2024 Catalyst Award in the Tech-Enabled Managed Services (TEMS) Analytics category during the Healthcare Analytics Summit (HAS) this February.

This recognition highlights Carle Health’s success in preventing costly interventions that could impact factors contributing to extended length of stay (LOS) while consistently achieving significant improvements throughout its healthcare system. By utilizing data-driven insights, Carle Health’s leadership made informed decisions supported by a strong data foundation. This enabled the efficient use of augmented intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics to enhance both short- and long-term outcomes, particularly in reducing LOS.

As an early adopter of augmented intelligence, Carle Health embraced AI technology and utilized AI-powered analytics to save approximately 1,700 hours of manual work previously spent on collecting, aggregating, and reporting data. Through strategic implementation of AI capabilities, Carle Health successfully identified key factors influencing sepsis mortality and outcomes over time. The organization’s leaders effectively used AI to improve capacity planning, manage patient care costs, and enhance quality measures.

Carle Health Adopts Services and Technologies to Improve Providers, Non-Clinical Staff Practices

In 2020, Carle Health implemented Health Catalyst’s open and scalable data platform along with the TEMS analytics model to evaluate quality and cost of care. By partnering with Health Catalyst, the Illinois-based health system transitioned team members to create a specialized group dedicated to providing analytics support and fostering innovation. Leveraging the Health Catalyst data platform allowed Carle Health to automate ongoing professional practice evaluations (OPPE), eliminating manual chart reviews in favor of generating provider scorecards on demand through analytics solutions.

The TEMS framework has been effective in reducing labor costs within the first five years of implementation by offering real-time data and reporting for healthcare providers to make informed decisions. With TEMS in place, clinicians and non-clinical staff can operate at their highest level of licensure, enabling job retention without layoffs while addressing quality issues through technological expertise. This approach leads to enhanced operational efficiency, improved patient care standards, higher employee morale, and more effective resource management for sustained financial stability without unnecessary workforce reductions.

Data-Driven Insights, TEMS Model Propels Carle Health’s Operational Success

In short, implementing data-driven insights and analytics support through a tech-enabled managed services model has significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of the health system’s operations.

Carle Health has improved patient safety and outcomes and saved valuable resources by preventing costly interventions and addressing factors contributing to extended hospital stays. These consistent improvements, acknowledged at HAS 24, underscore the importance of leveraging data-informed approaches to drive positive change and shape the future of healthcare delivery.

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