How Carle Health Effectively Integrated Augmented Intelligence

June 23, 2022
Phillip Rowell, MJ

Vice President, Clinical and Business Intelligence, Carle Health

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • How AI, coupled with a human decision maker, can help healthcare organizations derive essential insight from millions of datasets to solve business-critical issues around revenue, cost, and quality. 
  • How Carle Health laid a strong data foundation to support effective AI and advanced analytics for near- and long-term success.
  • The roadmap to three AI use cases at Carle Health, including common pitfalls to avoid and best practices other organizations can follow on their AI journey.How the new roles and interactions are evolving and the way in which new kinds of rules will govern them.

In this webinar, Phil Rowell, M.J., Vice President of Clinical and Business Intelligence at Carle Health, will describe how Carle Health became an early adopter of AI and leveraged AI-powered analytics to tackle the complexities of COVID-19, improve sepsis management, and accurately forecast patient outcomes and associated costs based on historical and current data.

Webinar Slides

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Out of Control: The Challenge of Healthcare’s New Roles, Rules, and Relationships

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