Clinical Chart Abstraction for Healthcare

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Reduce Chart Abstraction Labor Costs without Cutting People or Performance

In today’s landscape, health systems are expected to reduce costs while maintaining a high standard quality of care.

Download our eBook, see why organizations are choosing Health Catalyst’s sustainable employment solution called Tech-Enabled Managed Services: Chart Abstraction (TEMS CA).

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • How outsourcing chart abstraction can immediately reduce labor costs while increasing analytics capabilities.
  • How organizations can keep reporting & analytics support without cutting people while increasing performance.
  • Why outsourcing chart abstraction can be a competitive advantage.

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 Tech-Enabled Managed Services (TEMS)

Picking the right partner and framework to maximize registry participation ensures short-term gains for long-term sustainability and success. Outsourcing chart abstraction functionality with Health Catalyst provides efficiencies and benefits not offered with traditional outsourcing, including: Access to a robust, cloud-based registry management and analytics platform, A best-place-to-work culture that retains, engages, and improves the productivity of your rebadged employees​, SMART goal setting combined with our proven methodology to drive measurable outcomes improvement, Immediately reduce labor costs without sacrificing employee morale.

Drive Down Labor Costs
Contractually Guarantee ROI
Improve Employee Satisfaction and Performance

What Employees Are Saying

See what employees are saying about their experience transitioning from their employer to Health Catalyst through Tech-Enabled Managed Services.

Clinical Chart Abstraction for Healthcare - Health Catalyst
Sharon M. Stapleton, CTR

Oncology Data Specialist | Videos

“I have never worked with a company with so much compassion, honesty, and transparency. I’m excited to be part of a company that is truly dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare which is evident every time I read a case study or attend a monthly team meeting.”

Clinical Chart Abstraction for Healthcare - Health Catalyst
Daniel Garcia, MA, CTR

Oncology Data Specialist |Oncology Data Management

“I have been at Health Catalyst for about 3 and a half years now. Health Catalyst made the transition from my previous employer so easy. It’s a great company to work for and I think the benefit that I appreciate the most is the generous tuition reimbursement policy. I started working on my doctorate back in 2015, but I had to put this on hold a couple of times before due to financial issues. But with the Health Catalyst tuition reimbursement, I’ll be finishing my doctorate in public health later this year!”

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