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Healthcare leaders face an unprecedented list of critical issues across revenue, cost, and quality. Augmented intelligence has tremendous potential to solve these challenges and yet organizations have struggled to:

  • Integrate AI into current tool set
  • Scale data science expertise
  • Demonstrate positive impact with analytics

Download our white paper “The Rise of Augmented Intelligence: Insights for Healthcare Leaders” to learn how to overcome these challenges and more.

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Healthcare Data Science Experts

Healthcare leaders want their organizations to be data driven. However, many leaders incorrectly interpret data and analytic visualizations. Without accurate interpretation of analytics, organizations lack the real data-driven insight needed to strategically improve and measure wins and losses.

Learn from our data science experts How to Use AI in Healthcare to Unlock Four Secrets in Your Data.

Augmented Intelligence in Healthcare - Health Catalyst
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Human-Centered Augmented Intelligence

Moving beyond traditional machine learning, augmented intelligence enhances analysis, forecasting and decision-making in combination with the clinician’s awareness of patient populations. Adhering to the ethical guidelines and principles of high-value patient care, augmented intelligence can:

  • Generate data analysis near instantaneously, reducing manual labor for clinical staff
  • Supercharge existing reporting processes and outcomes
  • Remove unintentional bias for more ethical operational, financial, and clinical decisions
  • Conduct systematic equity analysis across patient populations to uncover forces driving disparities

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Healthcare leaders face an unprecedented list of critical issues across revenue, cost, and quality.

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AI in Healthcare: Hype, Hope & Missed Opportunities

There are proven opportunities that are reliably overlooked and will drive better decisions and actions today through AI. We invite you to view this webinar to learn more about the hype, hope, and missed opportunities with AI in healthcare.

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