The Use of Technology to Improve GDMT Compliance for Heart Failure 

November 16, 2022
John Janas, MD

President/CEO at Clinical Content Consultants, LLC & Medical Director

Posted in Patient Engagement

Learn how automated patient engagement technology can be deployed to help providers optimize heart failure treatment while lessening the care team burden at each phase of the patient’s journey, including:

  • Preparing for an inpatient discharge to home.
  • Post-discharge monitoring to prevent a readmission
  • Titration of current medications to achieve optimal dosing
  • Addition and titration of new medications to achieve therapeutic doses for all four HF drug classifications.
cdmt cover image

Less than 1% of heart failure (HF) patients with reduced ejection fraction are on target doses of all four drug classes known to improve the symptoms of HF, slow disease progression, and help patients live longer. 

Patient engagement technology can improve compliance with guideline-directed medical therapy (GDMT) by bridging gaps in managing HF medication titration. This white paper examines the challenges providers are facing and how technology can be leveraged to address compliance with national HF treatment guidelines and the challenges related to physician shortages. 

Download this white paper today.

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