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2022 and Beyond: Navigating the Road Ahead in Healthcare

Bobbi Brown, MBA

Senior Vice President

Stephen Grossbart, PhD

Senior Vice President and Chief Quality Officer

Zero Sepsis Deaths: A Dialogue of Passion and Practical Wisdom on Sepsis Prevention

Kathleen Merkley, DNP, APRN, FNP

Senior Vice President of Professional Services

Armando Nahum

Director, Center for Engaging Patients as Partners, Medstar Institute for Quality and Safety

Expanding AI in Healthcare: Introducing the New Healthcare.AI™ by Health Catalyst

Jason Jones, PhD

Chief Analytics and Data Science Officer, General Manager, Data and Analytics Platform

Solutions to the New Challenges Facing ACOs and ACO Participants from the 2021 QPP Final Rule

Darren O’Brien

Client Development Director, Regulatory Measures

Rachel Katz

Senior Vice President Product Development

Introducing the New Care Management Suite: A Comprehensive, Data-driven Approach

Amy Flaster, MD, MBA

Senior Vice President, Population Health Management and Care Management

Darian Allen

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Population Health

A Systematic Framework for the Delivery of Safe, Highly Reliable Care and Habitual Operational Excellence

Allan Frankel, MD

Founding Partner, Safe & Reliable Healthcare and Senior Faculty, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Michael Leonard, MD

Managing Partner, Safe & Reliable Healthcare and Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine

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