Why Your Tools Are Failing: Implementing Augmented Intelligence for Executive Decisions

March 9, 2023
During this webinar you’ll learn the following:
  • How/why executives can make better decisions with augmented intelligence.
  • The types of business decisions this technology can help executives reach in healthcare
  • Why executives need to invest inn augmented intelligence for health system optimization and competitiveness.

The growth of augmented intelligence (AI) in healthcare points to a future in which these technologies will consistently aid decision-making. Most immediately, you think of clinical and operational uses, but AI is as beneficial in executive contexts. We need to guide data interpretation so leaders have justifiable confidence that they are making accurate and intentional decisions to move their organization forward. Have you used AI to focus health equity efforts or to set variable executive comp? 

This session will cover how technology is helping healthcare executives make informed, strategic decisions.

Powerpoint Presentation

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