Unprecedented Patient-Visit Care Continuity: Introducing Health Catalyst Embedded Care Gaps™

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • Seamless and actionable care gap information. Care gap information is embedded directly into the EMR with regulatory measures (MIPS, HEDIS, and eCQMs).
  • The right insight, for the right person, at the right time. A proactive and automated way to notify clinicians to give the best care at the right time.
  • Easier and less costly. Better user experience than EMR-based tools and less costly than staffing EMR tool development. 
  • Reduced time demands and physician administrative workload. Empowers physicians to provide better care before, during, and after the patient visit. 
  • Improved patient confidence in the provider team. The patient gets higher quality of care and appreciates a more efficient and well-planned visit.

Unprecedented Patient-Visit Care Continuity: Introducing Health Catalyst Embedded Care Gaps™

Gaps in patient care contribute to declining health for preventable conditions and cost health systems millions of precious healthcare dollars. Furthermore, COVID-19-induced delays to standard preventive care and routine screenings have exacerbated gaps in patient care. Now, as organizations play catch up to understand patients’ current health status, they can’t afford to waste limited resources on inefficient care processes and guesswork.

Health Catalyst Embedded Care GapsTM is a fully EMR-embedded patient-visit solution combined with a world-class rules engine. Care Gaps increases revenue by performing more needed procedures, decreases costs by streamlining visits, and improves quality by improving adherence capacity. With Embedded Care Gaps, healthcare organizations can easily integrate into a system’s EHR, close gaps in patient care, and maximize every patient’s visit.

Join Chris Tyne, Senior Vice President of Product Development, and TJ Nicolaides, Director of Product Management, to learn how Care Gaps can deliver actionable insights directly into your EHR workflow, empower your clinicians to close patient care gaps in real time, and ultimately deliver better, more cost-effective care.

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