Amplify Your Organization’s Revenue Opportunities: Introducing Health Catalyst VitalIntegrity™

June 20, 2024

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • Save time with fast analysis results: Perform daily reviews of 100 percent of your inpatient- and outpatient-itemized charges or 837i files. VitalIntegrity provides a full view of soft-coded, hard-coded, diagnosis, and root-cause information.
  • Identify systemic issues and close financial gaps: Analyze your capture and compliance opportunities, including missed charges and over charges.
  • Identify a wide variety of hospital-based charge capture issues: Our experts continuously update the comprehensive rules engine. 
  • Customize rules according to your charging protocol: We can optimize our adaptable solution to identify gaps and root causes. 
  • Increase efficiency and productivity: Automate work assignments for your analysts or team with easy-to-use, pain-free maintenance. 
  • Improve revenue integrity and increase adoption of updated processes: Our dedicated team of charge capture experts provides a historical review of claims data for rule refinement and adaption, creation of client-specific rules, edits, workflows, scorecard reporting, and data validation and quality review.

Amplify Your Organization’s Revenue Opportunities: Introducing Health Catalyst VitalIntegrity™

Healthcare financial leaders face a variety of threats to the revenue cycle. Common challenges include manual processes, the lack of integrated workflows, and different IT systems as well as external challenges, such as regulatory issues and shifting reimbursement regulations. Furthermore, changes in billing methods, new technologies, lack of staff training, and obsolete charging practices force healthcare organizations to leave a portion of net revenue on the table. To address these obstacles, revenue cycle leaders need granular data that reveals the root cause of lost charges. 

With the Health Catalyst VitalIntegrity™ web-based application, health systems can efficiently manage hospital charge capture processes, detect compliance issues, and secure more earned revenue. By revealing the root cause of every revenue challenge, VitalIntegrity enables teams to minimize leakage from under- and over-charging, late or missing coding, mismatched charges and supplies, and a wide range of CDM-related matters. 

Join Adam Ziegel, Director of Product Management, as he demonstrates how VitalIntegrity can help your organization identify considerably more revenue opportunities. 

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