How Data Digitization Can Advance Life Sciences

Sadiqa Mahmood, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Life Sciences Business at Health Catalyst, discusses the transformation of the life sciences industry in this episode of the Health Catalyst podcast, Owning the Future of Healthcare. Mahmood explains how the pandemic forced the life sciences industry to further adopt digitization and how the digital transformation is shifting the traditional mindset of pharmaceutical and medical technology companies from site centric to patient centric.

Tune in to Hear Mahmood Answer These Questions

  • Which organizations within the healthcare sector did COVID-19 impact the most? 2:39
  • How did COVID-19 impact the life sciences sector? 2:50
  • How did the pandemic accelerate the timeline for drugs and vaccines? 5:20
  • Where do we see unrealized opportunities for data and analytics to accelerate the drug development process? 11:23
  • How can industry professionals maximize existing data to derive more insights and increase efficiencies within drug development? 15:15
  • How do life sciences organizations or medical technology companies access accurate data to use in the drug development process? 16:15

Noteworthy Quotes from Mahmood

“Navigating the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been an all-encompassing, once-in-a-lifetime experience for the life sciences industry.”

“The industry transitioned from being site centric to being patient centric in research, due to digitization.”

 “To inform drug development, data has to be representative of the populations you serve.”

“While eight-and-a-half-years is the average time frame for new drug development, the two novel COVID-19 vaccines were developed, tested, and authorized in less than a year.”

How to Digitize and Democratize Healthcare Data on a Global Scale

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