Data Drives Effective Population Health

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As healthcare organizations must continually deliver value-centric care for the populations they serve, effective population health becomes increasingly important. According to Jonas Varnum, Vice President of Population Health Strategic Services at Health Catalyst, healthcare organizations must rely on data for success in population health, risk-based contracts, and value-based care. In this episode of the Health Catalyst podcast, Owning the Future of Healthcare, Varnum explains how population health decision makers can use data to identify suboptimal care and understand each patient’s specific needs within a system’s populations.

Tune in to Hear Varnum Answer These Questions

  • Why is population health a focus area for healthcare organizations now and in the future? 1:04
  • Why is effective population health so challenging? 5:30
  • What role do data and analytics play in navigating population health challenges? 8:57
  • How does Health Catalyst help healthcare organizations achieve better population health results? 14:10
  • How can data help us measure population health progress? 21:30

Noteworthy Quotes from Varnum

“The goal of population health was to build a better health system.”

“Data and analytics should help us understand if patients are receiving the right care and interventions when they need it.”

“We estimate a trillion dollars is spent on suboptimal care and ineffective processes.”

“Data-based tools enable better population health processes that lead to better results.”

Population Health—Now and in the Future

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