KPI Ninja’s Alerts and Notifications: Hospital Discharge Example

June 28, 2021
KPI Ninja’s Alerts and Notifications: Hospital Discharge Example - Health Catalyst

Care alerts are at the core of high-quality, coordinated health care. Every notification is a moment of insight about a patient’s health, so each and every one is of critical importance. Stay compliant with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) new Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule (CMS Final Rule). This rule finalizes seven new policies that move us toward greater interoperability. The Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) Event Notification policy requires hospitals to improve communication channels with other providers and facilities. CMS has modified Conditions of Participation standards to require that hospitals send ADT notifications. Our platform, Ninja Universe, is configured according to these requirements, helping you reduce the burden of aligning to the specifications as well as easily demonstrating compliance to external auditors.

But this isn’t where the benefits of alerts and notifications stop. Setting up alerts around quality makes it easy to keep your team in the know about your patients and their health status to intervene early to prevent and better manage health conditions. These “Smart Alerts” can be customized to your exact needs to support your care coordination, care management, disease management, and other population health goals. Below we provide one example of how comprehensive analytics like the sending of ADT and Smart Alerts across care settings can enhance the delivery of care.

KPI Ninja’s Alerts and Notifications: Hospital Discharge Example - Health Catalyst

About KPI Ninja
KPI Ninja is a data analytics company that helps healthcare organizations accelerate their quality, safety, and financial goals with a unique combination of software and service. We are differentiated by our signature mix of technology, performance management consulting and healthcare expertise. We don’t merely offer software solutions but work shoulder to shoulder with clients to help them draw on the power of analytics and continuous improvement methodologies to become more efficient. In harmony with our data-centered ethos, we truly believe that our success is strongly co-related with yours.

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