The Healthcare Research Network: 5 Modernizing Features

November 10, 2021

Article Summary

In an era of technological innovation and extraordinary connectivity, why does clinical research follow a decades-old model? Clinical trials remain concentrated among leading urban medical centers with narrow patient populations, but today’s data and collaborative capabilities can support a broader, more robust reach. To that end, the new Health Catalyst Research Offering accelerates and optimizes clinical research in five groundbreaking ways:

1. Connects key players in clinical research.
2. Provides a network of healthcare provider systems, biopharmaceutical companies, and clinical research organizations.
3. Gives access to research-oriented Health Catalyst products and services.
4. Supports clinical study from planning through the active trial.
5. Maintains a national repository of clinical data.

Health Catalyst Research Network

Healthcare needs a clinical trials process for the modern age. Despite the potential for almost limitless connectivity, clinical research often follows a decades-old model. A finite number of leading urban medical center dominate research, resulting in narrow patient populations. Furthermore, too many citizens don’t have an opportunity to participate, and many trials fail to enroll enough participants on time.

A modern approach to clinical research, such as the Health Catalyst Research Offering, responds to historic enrollment and collaboration limitations and other common challenges by using research-grade data to connect more patients with clinical research opportunities.

How Does a Modern Healthcare Research Network Meet Today’s Clinical Trial Needs?

The Research Offering connects hospitals, medical centers, biopharmaceutical companies, and clinical research organizations (CROs) and helps these groups search for patients eligible for real-world studies and trials. A significant update to existing research practices, the tool features two core components, a collaborative research network (the Health Catalyst Research Network™) and intelligent search function and services (Health Catalyst Touchstone Match™):

  • The Research Network is an established cloud-based forum for collaboration that brings together hospitals, medical centers, biopharma companies, and CROs.
  • Touchstone Match supports data-informed research use cases, including clinical trial feasibility analyses and searches for patients eligible for real-world studies.

Key partnerships among a multisystem provider network, a nationally integrated data asset, scalable infrastructure, data expertise, and a team of data analytics enable researchers to confidently make clinical decisions. With this multifaceted approach, the Research Offering aims to enable clinical trials as a care option that reduces waste, improves outcomes, and increases revenue.


Learn more about the Health Catalyst Research Network offering.

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