Health Catalyst COVID-19 Framework

Prepare, prevent, recover, and plan—we recognize that these four phases are critical to management of COVID-19. Health Catalyst has developed new products and modified existing products to support each phase—and we’ll continue to monitor national changes to add to our portfolio. These products are initially intended to support COVID-19, but are designed to support future outbreaks and emergency management as well.

Prepare for COVID-19

Plan, train, and educate so you’re ready to act in the event of an escalation of COVID-19.

Prevent COVID-19

Take action to save lives without causing further stress to people or the system.

Recover from COVID-19

Begin efforts to adapt operations and restore a sense of normalcy to people and the system.

Plan for the future

Build a crisis-ready, sustainable future.

All Related Products

Health Catalyst Products and Services Include:

  • NEW  Vaccine Diversity Analysis and Inventory Management Tool
  • NEW  Vaccine Contact Management Tool
  • NEW  Vaccine Code Sets
  • Vitalware®: Mid-Revenue Cycle Solutions for COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Capacity Planning Tool
  • Self Service Analytics for COVID-19
  • Patient & Staff Tracker
  • Touchstone® COVID-19 National Data Sets
  • Patient Safety Monitor™ Application
  • Patient Safety Launch™ Solution: COVID-19 Module
  • HIE Public Health COVID-19 Surveillance Report
  • Financial Recovery Applications
  • Instant Data Entry Application (IDEA)
  • Staff Augmentation Support Services
  • Other Analytics Accelerators:
    • Practice Management: Patient Access
    • Readmissions Explorer
    • Blood Utilization
    • Supply Chain Explorer
    • Infection-related Analytics Accelerators

Check back frequently for updates as we continue to rapidly develop and
deploy new solutions. 

COVID-19 Case Studies

Health Catalyst client partners are leveraging existing analytics solutions together with COVID-19-specific tools to navigate all the stages of the pandemic. With comprehensive data and actionable insights, health systems are responding more rapidly and appropriately to COVID-19, delivering better patient care in the short term and ensuring positive clinical, operational, and financial performance in the long term.

$1.8M in cost savings, achieved by avoiding 61 hospital admissions and seven intensive care unit admissions. View Details
1,000 hours of burdensome, manual data collection eliminated—enabling the rapid identification of potential exposures, ensuring timely follow-up. View Details
30% increase in scheduled vaccinations per week, growing and optimizing the use of available COVID-19 vaccine inventory while also ensuring adequate inventory for second doses. View Details
Nearly 300 patients transferred to the alternative care site, increasing hospital capacity. View Details
In less than two months, implemented and integrated a COVID-19 capacity planning tool into daily operations. View Details
In less than 16 hours, deployed integrated, real-time dashboards for monitoring all COVID-19 activity, including patient testing and activity, care requirements, and supply utilization. View Details
Deployed a COVID-19 risk model in just a few days, assigning risk scores to 125,000 members. View Details
Integrated data and analytics, and COVID-19 specific metrics for more than 200 patients with COVID-19. View Details
Visualization of all critical data elements required for effective COVID-19 incident command. View Details
Just three weeks after the governor of Vermont declared a state of emergency, OneCare Vermont released a COVID-19 care coordination tool, applying the risk criteria to approximately 190K patients. View Details
In just two weeks, implemented a COVID-19 reporting solution, enabling robust state-wide surveillance for public health purposes. View Details
15 minutes to establish a COVID-19 disease registry View Details
~70X increase in the number of telehealth visits—in just two weeks. View Details
4 Days to develop and deploy the algorithm for COVID-19 risk for mortality. View Details
In just one week, deployed integrated dashboards for managing clinic capacity, visit volume, COVID-19 mobile appointments, and telehealth appointments. View Details
80%+ of all visits are now virtual—40K visits in just one month. View Details
Integrated analytics, enabling the organization to develop a long-term surgical financial recovery plan. View Details
~2 weeks Deployed a COVID-19 elective surgery impact analysis application View Details
7 days to develop a COVID-19 dashboard that integrates more than 60 critical metrics View Details
~30 Minutes to develop and implement a COVID-19 analytics application View Details

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Health Catalyst exists to support health system clients in the effective use of data, analytics and expertise to drive measurable improvements. We are grateful for the opportunity to work in support of our heroic health system clients, whether by providing tailored technology or by working as extended members of their staff, as they strive to effectively respond to this specific COVID-19 situation, and to be well-prepared for future challenges.
– Dan Burton, CEO, Health Catalyst