2023 Healthcare Trends: What Leaders Need to Know About the Latest Emerging Market and Policy Issues

Daniel Orenstein, JD

Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary

Tim Zenger

Vice President of Market Insights

During this webinar we’ll discuss the following:
  • Emerging market and policy trends
  • Challenges healthcare organizations will face
  • Effective preparation for these challenges

The convergence of several significant emerging market and policy trends, namely high inflation, record-low unemployment, a divided Congress, and the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency, has created a unique set of challenges for healthcare organizations. To discuss these trends and their impact on key healthcare issues, such as patient engagement, the migration to value-based care, analytics adoption, the use of alternative care sites, and patient privacy, Health Catalyst’s General Counsel, Dan Orenstein, and Vice President of Market Insights, Tim Zenger, will be hosting a discussion. This convergence of trends poses significant challenges for healthcare organizations, and it is important for them to be prepared to address these challenges effectively.

Powerpoint Presentation

2023 – Focus on the Margin (Vitalware by Health Catalyst)

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