Travis Touroo

Sr. Product Manager, DOS

Travis Touroo is a Sr. Product Manager at Health Catalyst and key contributor to the company’s visualization and self-service analytics strategy.  His team owns the Health Catalyst Pop Insights ™ application as well as hosted BI platforms. 

Travis has a background strongly rooted in data analysis, visualization, business intelligence, and consulting within these spaces.  He has led data teams across industries including Healthcare, Insurance, and Finance.  Along with cross-industry experience Travis has worked on data-driven initiatives and projects from all sides of an organization which has helped developed his interest in data strategy and culture.  In recent years his focus and passion has been centered on helping organizations develop and implement modern, user-centric, self-service analytic solutions while driving adoption and value.     

Travis joined Health Catalyst in November 2019 after working for several years in the payor space for Humana.

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Self-Service Analytics: How to Use Healthcare Business Intelligence

Self-service analytics can empower healthcare organizations to better leverage business intelligence, enabling non-expert users to explore data sets, create custom reports and dashboards, and share valuable insights. However, without the right foundation, self-service analytics won’t reach its potential. Four pillars for success include the following: 
1. A data-centric culture.
2. Data literacy.
3. Leadership support.
4. A defined business goal.

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