Peter Johnson

EDW Manager

Peter Johnson joined Health Catalyst in January 2015 with the commencement of the partnership with Allina Health. Prior to his current role as EDW Manager, he worked as a Data Modeler, ETL Developer and Data Architect since beginning at Allina in July 2005. Prior to Allina Peter began his career doing provider contracting for CorVel Corporation and working as a business analyst for Ingenix (now Optum Health).

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A 5-Step Guide for Successful Healthcare Data Warehouse Operations

Starting and sustaining an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) for a sizeable healthcare organization might seem as challenging as, say, forming a new country. While it is an arduous undertaking, there are plenty who have gone before. In this article, one EDW operations manager shares five steps for success:

1. Start with a Leadership Commitment to Outcomes Improvement
2. Build the Right Team
3. Establish Effective Partnerships with IT
4. Develop Interest and Gain Buy-In
5. Pivot Toward Maintaining Success

Successfully implementing and sustaining EDW operations is about establishing and managing priorities and understanding the enterprise-wide implications.

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