Luke Skelley

Sales, VP

Luke Skelley joined Health Catalyst in May 2013. Luke’s clinical nursing background was in critical care and he managed organ and tissue donation programs for 13 years. His background includes orthopedic products, severity adjusted outcomes software for Medstat Group, clinical pathway development software for CareScience and prospective payment methodologies for Optum Insight. Luke was recruited by Navinet for a new line of clinical products for physician offices before they were acquired by Lumeris. Luke has a BSN and MSN in critical care nursing from the University of Tennessee and an MBA from Belmont University.

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Six Challenges to Becoming a Data-Driven Payer Organization

As healthcare transitions from fee-for-service to value-based payment, payer organizations are increasingly looking to population health management strategies to help them lower costs. To manage individuals within their populations, payers must become data driven and establish the technical infrastructure to support expanding access to and reliance on data from across the continuum of care.

To fully leverage the breadth and depth of data that an effective health management strategy requires, payers must address six key challenges of becoming data driven:

1. Data availability.
2. Data access.
3. Data aggregation.
4. Data analysis.
5. Data adoption.
6. Data application.

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