David Gardiner, MBA, MHA, MPH

Senior Vice President and Executive Advisor

David Gardiner joined Health Catalyst as a Senior Vice President, Professional Services after nearly 24 years’ experience at Intermountain Healthcare where he most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer for Intermountain’s Care Transformation organization. Gardiner also led the Intermountain EHR development, implementation, and adoption/optimization strategy. During his career, David has held executive operational leadership and improvement roles including hospital operations, clinical programs and services, quality, finance, and strategic planning. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and chemistry, a Master of Public Health, a Master of Healthcare Administration, and a Master of Business Administration.

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How Data Transforms the Hospital Command Center to Pandemic Proportions

Hospital command center leaders have never had to run an incident response on the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whereas a typical emergency event (e.g., flooding, earthquakes, multivehicle collisions, or shootings) causes rapid patient influx with an identifiable starting and stopping point, the novel coronavirus has an ongoing, inestimable impact. The extensive duration, combined with high transmission risks and a massive scope of impact, demand that health systems prepare for complex facility, equipment, and staffing needs.
Their best strategy is to leverage data-driven tools to scale their existing emergency response plans for COVID-19’s unprecedented proportions.

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