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Chris Keller brings a breadth of technology marketing and research experience to Health Catalyst having worked in management for several start-ups including Balihoo, Clearwater Analytics, and PC-Doctor where he helped to define and execute awareness, and revenue generating lead programs as well as market research and competitive intelligence activities. Previously, Chris managed the product development and launch of several multi-billion dollar color laser printers for Hewlett-Packard. Prior to that, he managed web development for Brigham Young University's Center for Instructional Design, an organization pioneering many of the earliest uses of web-based educational technology. Chris Keller has a Master’s degree in Business and a BA in Communications from Brigham Young University.

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Chris Keller

My Personal Experience with Dr. Shetty’s Healthcare Mission: An $800 Heart Surgery

I spent a few weeks this summer creating a documentary of the work of Dr. Devi Shetty. One of the most memorable moments of this experience was when I talked with Dr. Shetty himself while he was performing a heart operation on an 18-month-old boy. It was an enlightening and amazing time, where I fully learned why Dr. Shetty deserves the title bestowed on him by the WSJ, the “Henry Ford of healthcare.” His ultimate goal is to reduce the cost of heart surgery from $3,000 to $800 by evaluating each cost component. He has opened hospitals all across the world offering low-cost, high-quality care. Could this model work for the U.S.? It’s a wonderful thing to hope for.