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$1.8M in cost savings, achieved by avoiding 61 hospital admissions and seven intensive care unit admissions. View Details
Overcame health disparities in COVID-19 testing, increased access to care, and developed a systematic approach to evaluate health equity. View Details
Just three weeks after the governor of Vermont declared a state of emergency, OneCare Vermont released a COVID-19 care coordination tool, applying the risk criteria to approximately 190K patients. View Details
In just two weeks, implemented a COVID-19 reporting solution, enabling robust state-wide surveillance for public health purposes. View Details
15 minutes to establish a COVID-19 disease registry View Details
4 Days to develop and deploy the algorithm for COVID-19 risk for mortality. View Details
19.1% Relative reduction of HbA1c for patients with diabetes View Details
28.6% Relative reduction in RBC transfusion View Details
$6.1M in net revenue retained. View Details
~$1M in revenue from the Medicare Shared Savings Program over two years. View Details
49% Relative improvement in clinical chart abstraction efficiency at Banner Health. View Details
$4.5M Reduction in denials in just 12 months, the result of an eight percent relative reduction in overall denial dollars. View Details
~$2M in shared savings in just one year. View Details
$883K in cost avoidance, the result of a reduction in per member per month. View Details
$8.3M Increase in revenue, the result of adding more than 53,000 appointments annually. View Details
$3.2M Reduction in surgical supply costs View Details
80%+ of all visits are now virtual—40K visits in just one month. View Details
Integrated analytics, enabling the organization to develop a long-term surgical financial recovery plan. View Details
>$10M in cost and utilization opportunity identified. View Details
1,000 hours of burdensome, manual data collection eliminated—enabling the rapid identification of potential exposures, ensuring timely follow-up. View Details
Data are refreshed 50x faster than what INTEGRIS Health had before and the benchmarks themselves are both more adaptive and detailed. View Details
30% increase in scheduled vaccinations per week, growing and optimizing the use of available COVID-19 vaccine inventory while also ensuring adequate inventory for second doses. View Details
Nearly 300 patients transferred to the alternative care site, increasing hospital capacity. View Details
In less than two months, implemented and integrated a COVID-19 capacity planning tool into daily operations. View Details
In less than 16 hours, deployed integrated, real-time dashboards for monitoring all COVID-19 activity, including patient testing and activity, care requirements, and supply utilization. View Details
$15.2M in ambulatory outpatient revenue retained by rapidly shifting to telehealth. View Details
$6.6M+ in financial improvements. View Details
50% reduction in the time required to complete the NICOR audit, saving more than 400 hours annually. View Details
The Health Catalyst Approach

Transforming Healthcare
Is Our Passion

Our solutions enable our health system partners to realize measurable value within months of deploying our solutions. Health Catalyst helps clinicians and technicians in over 250 hospitals and more than 3,000 clinics that collectively care for over 70 million Americans each year.

Our Offerings

The Health Catalyst Solution enables customers to manage their data, derive analytical insights to operate their organization, and produce measurable clinical, financial, and operational improvements.

Data Operating System

Our cloud-based Data Operating System (DOS™️) is a healthcare-specific, open, flexible, and scalable data platform that provides customers a single comprehensive environment to integrate and organize data.

Analytics Applications

Our analytics applications build on top of the data platform and allow customers to make measurable clinical, financial, and operational improvements.

Services Expertise

Our world-class team of analytics and domain experts leverage Health Catalyst technology to help customers shorten time-to-value and achieve sustainable measurable improvements.