The Health Catalyst Patient Safety Organization (HC PSO) is a robust safety organization, operated by experts with a combined 100-person-years of applied patient safety experience and years of measurable improvement. Unlike most other patient safety organizations (PSOs), HC PSO works exclusively with our latest analytical technologies for proactive, automated, monitoring, assessment, and intervention to help your organization translate the learnings from your patient safety evaluation system into systematic, sustainable improvement.

Learn about a secure cloud-based solution and services that help detect, monitor, and prevent patient safety events.

The HC PSO Membership services include:

  • Semi-weekly all-cause patient safety data reviews for trends, dissemination of learnings, and identification of improvement opportunities.
  • HC PSO quarterly visits with executives and unit directors to consult on improvement in safety culture, best practices, and care outcome improvement within the organization. One and a half days on-site two times annually, and remote two times annually.
  • Work with client counsel for patient specific HC PSO data retrieval in case of legal challenge and data grievance handling.
  • Safety governance consultation and one patient safety collaborative participation (starting in 2019).

Benefits and Features

Reduce harm and save lives under full federal protection.

Enables clinicians to surface information on harm event, plan interventions and take action without the fear of legal discovery.

Share experience with peer organizations.

Share experience, improvement ideas, and measure success with other Health Catalyst PSO organizations.

Take advantage of nation-wide experience and perspective.

Learn from depth of experience of our experts as well as health systems facing similar challenges.

Keep your data secure using state-of-the-art hardware, software, and handling facility.

Segregates all-cause patient safety data to the latest server technology and the strictest security protocols, in accordance with federal PSO regulations.

Simplify by keeping your analytics and PSO protection under one roof.

National leader in healthcare analytics, widely known for delivering measurable and sustainable improvements across the patient safety spectrum.


HC PSO protects data collected by the Patient Safety Monitor™ suite of software application from legal discovery.

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