Customers who utilize our analytics accelerators achieve a much faster time-to-value compared to building an analytic model from the ground up.

Our customers frequently rely on our analytics expertise to customize our analytics accelerators, as well as our domain expertise in order to successfully leverage our analytics accelerators to drive data-informed improvement.

Our suite of analytic accelerators provides highly-specific clinical, financial, and operational insights. 

Operational Analytic Accelerators

Supply Chain
A market differentiating web enabled supply chain closed loop analytics application.
Patient Flow
Data and analytics that accurately represent the complexity of patient flow in your facility—and give you new insight to manage it.
Surgical Services
Get multiple views of operational, financial, and utilization data—serving up insight for improvement of perioperative processes.
Emergency Services
Multiple views of data paramount for the efficient day to day operation of a pediatric or adult Emergency Department of any size, volume band, academic affiliation or geographical location.
Labor Management
Analytics to help managers understand basic operational and staffing indicators.
Practice Management
Gain big-picture insight about the patient-access element of a medical practice.
Patient Experience
Multiple, robust views into the data your patients are providing about their healthcare experience.
Community Care
Actionable analytics to close gaps in primary and preventive care—helping you deliver the right care at the right time to every patient.