Customers who utilize our analytics accelerators achieve a much faster time-to-value compared to building an analytic model from the ground up.

Our customers frequently rely on our analytics expertise to customize our analytics accelerators, as well as our domain expertise in order to successfully leverage our analytics accelerators to drive data-informed improvement.

Our suite of analytic accelerators provides highly-specific clinical, financial, and operational insights.

Financial Analytic Accelerators

Cost Insights
Understand your true costs and surface opportunities to improve outcomes.
Financial Management Explorer
Your single source of truth for financial performance in your clinical service lines—and a key tool for success in value-based care arrangements.
Revenue Cycle: Hospital
Get timely visibility into the data you need to be successful in a complex reimbursement environment.
Revenue Cycle: Professional
A reporting tool that allows revenue cycle decision makers and analysts to quickly and easily identify trends and variances, pull ad hoc reports and address root causes of performance issues.
HCC Insights
Insight for success in value-based contracts—helping organizations ensure appropriate care and payment.
HIM Documentation Workflow
A reporting and analysis tool that allows senior leaders and HIM managers to quickly uncover issues and opportunities related to clinical documentation and coding.
General Ledger
Quickly organize, summarize, and investigate traditional general-ledger data (actual and budget) so that you can see and understand variances and take action as needed to improve your organization’s financial performance.