What Is Cost Insights?

Cost Insights delivers an understanding of the true cost of the services healthcare systems provide, aggregating data from multiple source systems to reveal costs—and improvement opportunities—across the continuum, by procedure, provider, and patient. Cost Insights serves up the timely, actionable knowledge critical to improving outcomes today and sustaining the organization over the long term via dashboards that are customizable to the user’s role.

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Cost Insights Benefits & Features

Combined clinical, operational, and financial performance measures.

From the service line all the way down to the patient procedure or activity—reduce time required to generate performance information and give visibility into profitability and variation by provider, procedure, DRG, etc.

Embedded logic.

Provides for quick and easy identification of clinical and/or operational process variation by provider and department type, offering insights that help drive strategy.

Highlighting of rate vs volume issues at the activity level.

Identifies process issues leading to cost variation, allowing teams to quickly identify cost reduction opportunities.

Access to the most granular level of activity and costing data for all patients.

Engages users and helps drive adoption of best practices.