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Product Overview

The CORUS™ Suite: Activity-Based Costing Software Application leverages the Health Catalyst Data Operating System (DOS™) and activity-based costing to deliver accurate and actionable data. Activity-Based Costing helps users manage the true cost of care across the continuum.

Based on more granular data not only from the EMR, but also from claims, payroll, and more, CORUS: Activity-Based Costing uses activities, not just RVUs, to give you an accurate, comprehensive view of all your costs. CORUS: Costing provides a streamlined interface that guides your Cost Accountants through the costing and validation process.

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Benefits & Features

Faster, more streamlined processes save time and reduce errors.

The CORUS: Costing interface guides the finance team through the costing process—including validation—to save time and reduce errors.

Transparency into your costs.

Integrated and aggregated data not just from your EMR—but also from clinical, financial (claims, GL, payroll, supply chain, etc.), patient satisfaction, operation, and other data sources enable you to identify actionable insights into the real drivers of cost variation.

Costing data shared with the masses.

With costing data readily available, analysts can more quickly respond to financial questions and problems reported by the organization and leadership.