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Health Catalyst CORUS™ Suite: Activity-Based Costing

Manage true cost of care with manufacturing-style, activity-based costing that is scalable and maintainable.

Health Catalyst has partnered with industry-leading health systems to develop a next-generation costing system, CORUS: Activity-Based Costing (ABC). ABC delivers accurate and actionable data that allows leaders to understand the true cost of care across the continuum and to relate those costs to patient outcomes. Providing manufacturing-style activity-based costing, ABC is scalable and maintainable tool to deliver the financial transparency organizations need to execute on their mission of care in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

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Benefits & Features

Provide actionable insights into the real drivers of cost variation.

Leverage actual patient resource utilization data from the EMR and other departmental sources—not just charge codes—to provide actionable insights into the real drivers of cost variation.

Easily use the depth of data that represents patient utilization.

Integrated and aggregated data sources, such as clinical, financial (e.g., claims, GL, payroll, supply chain), patient satisfaction, operational, and other data sources are the building blocks for the most robust costing data set in the market.

Switch or enhance your costing methodology on a dime.

ABC provides flexibility to continually enhance the costing methodology based on business needs and available data with support of multiple cost accounting methodologies—and enables healthcare systems to incrementally transition to activity-based costing.

Provide transparency on how patient costs are generated.

ABC includes embedded costing content (drivers, algorithms, rules, and best practices).

Save time and reduce errors.

ABC includes automated and embedded data quality and cost validation algorithms.