Financial Empowerment

Take control of your financial future with a complete picture of your economic ecosystem. Robust financial data reveals the true cost of care delivery, referral leakage areas, and patient access barriers, so leaders can seize revenue growth opportunities. Elevate your financial performance with a sustainable financial care model that boosts your bottom line.

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Revenue Cycle

Healthcare systems are faced with significant margin compression, increasing costs, fragmented business models, and associated loss of revenue. Managing the revenue cycle to accelerate collection rate and restore revenue integrity can lead to significant financial improvements.

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Growth and Expansion

Healthcare leaders increasingly review service line programs, mergers and acquisitions, and digital retail to identify strategies with the strongest positive margins, capitalize on the need for new areas of specialization, and discover opportunities to improve performance. Organizations with effective service-line strategies integrate clinical and financial data, leverage technology to assess demographic needs, and deliver better care and higher value.

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Patient Flow and Volume

Many health systems face problems with both acute and ambulatory capacity, which limits volume and revenue growth—and potentially reduces patient and staff access. Improving access and reducing referral leakage by adjusting key processes can increase capacity without relying on costly construction and other measures.

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Labor Management

As demand and costs for labor soar, some healthcare systems are seeing a substantial annual increase in their labor spend. With a disciplined, data-driven approach, organizations can successfully manage this growth—and both lower costs and raise patient satisfaction.

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Supply Chain

Supply costs are the second-largest expense item for a healthcare system and interventional supplies often represent a major portion of this spend. Organizations that thoughtfully improve their interventional supply chain can significantly lower their overall supply costs while preserving patient safety and provider engagement.

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Activity-Based Costing

Manage the cost of care with a manufacturing-style activity-based costing solution that provides a comprehensive view of true costs, surfaces opportunities to improve outcomes, and is scalable and maintainable.

Financial Empowerment Offerings

Learn how Health Catalyst can help you maximize your data and drive massive, measurable improvement.

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