Health Catalyst Named America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity 2024

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5 Reasons Why Health Catalyst Employees Believe it is a Great Workplace for Diversity

Newsweek identified Health Catalyst as one of America’s Greatest Places to Work for Diversity in 2024.  Now in its second year of operation, the awards program showcases the leading large and mid-size companies acknowledged by their employees for authentic appreciation and esteem of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Newsweek and Plant A Insights, a data research firm, collaborated for the second consecutive year to identify “America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity 2024.” The America’s Greatest Places to Work with Diversity list is the result of an extensive study, which involved interviews with over 223,000 employees in the U.S. and gathered more than 1.5 million comprehensive company reviews.

Commenting on this achievement, Health Catalyst CEO Dan Burton said, “We at Health Catalyst are honored to receive this recognition as one of America’s greatest workplaces for diversity. We will consistently and passionately continue to focus on enabling every team member at Health Catalyst to be deeply engaged in our mission to massively improve healthcare. And as they contribute to this mission, we will strive to ensure they each feel that we deeply care about them, that we respect them, and that we listen carefully to their perspectives and feedback.”

Health Catalyst recognizes the immeasurable value of every individual and believes in the powerful benefits of celebrating one another’s diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Below, a few Health Catalyst affinity group leaders share their perspectives on why Health Catalyst is a great workplace for diversity.

  1. “Health Catalyst is truly a remarkable workplace for diversity. Here, respect, support, and care originate from Dan Burton, CEO to every team member. We don’t just tolerate differences; we celebrate, learn from, and warmly welcome them. What sets Health Catalyst apart is the genuine commitment to diversity, demonstrated by the active support and encouragement of affinity groups championed by our leadership team. It’s a culture where everyone’s uniqueness is not only acknowledged but valued and embraced.” Nadine Louis, leader of the Shades affinity group at Health Catalyst.
  2. “Working at Health Catalyst, I’ve discovered a workplace where the vibrant spectrum of individual talents are not just acknowledged but celebrated. In the world of Shades, our diversity is our strength, and Health Catalyst’s unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive environment ensures that every shade of talent is valued and respected. It’s not just a workplace; it’s a canvas where diverse minds paint the future of healthcare together, creating a masterpiece of innovation, collaboration, and belonging.” Tamika Gray, leader of the Shades affinity group at Health Catalyst.
  3. “Health Catalyst gives Military, Veterans, Family, and Allies a venue to collaborate and share in our experiences. Health Catalyst has also allowed our group to share our experiences and challenges with other affinity groups. It is not that they just give us the opportunity, but we are supported at the highest levels of the company.” Kenneth Lawrence, leader of the Military, Veterans, Family, and Allies affinity group at Health Catalyst.
  4. “Since the Neurodivergent Affinity group launched, we’ve heard from many neurodivergent team members that Health Catalyst is among the best places they’ve ever worked. We are very grateful for the way Health Catalyst has committed to navigating the unique HR and legal challenges of this neurodiversity initiative, including through the engaged leadership of Linda Llewelyn, Chief People Officer, executive sponsor for our group.” Todd Wight and Issac Lyman, leaders of the Neurodivergent affinity group at Health Catalyst.
  5. “Health Catalyst is a great place to work because it is a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work. Senior leaders in the company are the top champions for DE&I efforts. Senior leaders acknowledge and address the systemic and structural barriers that prevent people of color and other marginalized groups from accessing equal opportunities and outcomes. They foster a culture of psychological safety where employees can speak up, share feedback, and challenge the status quo without fear of retaliation. As a member of InspirASIAN, I have a sense of belonging because the leaders encourage and celebrate diverse perspectives, ideas, and contributions.” Suma Kumar, leader of the InspirASIAN affinity group at Health Catalyst.

The complete list of rankings can be found here: America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity 2024 (

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