Award Honors INTEGRIS Health for Pioneering Tech-Enabled Managed Services

INTEGRIS Health received a 2024 Catalyst Award, a distinguished achievement recognizing the organization as a trailblazer in their application of Health Catalyst’s Tech-Enabled Managed Services (TEMS). Presented at the Healthcare Analytics Summit (HAS) held February 27-29, this award honors INTEGRIS Health’s commitment to using critical data and insights to drive improvements. Health Catalyst lauded the Oklahoma-based health system for demonstrating “actual, achievable improvement in a transparent and reproducible way” that inspires transformation across its network of hospitals and medical centers.

INTEGRIS Health transitioned from an inefficient, in-house data warehouse system. The system was resource-intensive due to duplicate manual data entry and latency issues, undermining the impact on provider performance and the trust physicians placed in the data. Additionally, the previous system hindered the identification of areas for improvement in alignment with leadership goals.

To provide comprehensive, accurate, and relevant data insights to providers and leaders, INTEGRIS Health adopted the Health Catalyst® data platform and a robust suite of analytics applications, including Touchstone® Suite and Healthcare.AI™. Leveraging this new platform and tools, INTREGRIS Health established a unified, accurate source of data that physicians and leadership trusted and engaged with.

INTEGRIS Employs AI-Powered Benchmarking to Execute Organizational Strategy

Moreover, INTEGRIS Health has applied AI to establish benchmarks and identify areas for improvement by comparing performance against peer institutions. This data-driven approach has led to improved decision-making and resource allocation. It has also increased physician engagement by providing timely visibility into physicians’ practice patterns and patient outcomes, benchmarked against their peers.

The financial impact of these changes has been significant. INTEGRIS Health reported a savings of $3 million in indirect labor costs annually by adopting a new data and analytics platform, eliminating redundancies, and decreasing the resources needed to support their previous data warehouse. Moreover, the organization realized an additional $500K in annual savings by replacing an outdated third-party benchmarking tool with the in-house capabilities provided by Touchstone.

INTEGRIS Health Maintains Access to Relevant and Timely Data

With faster data refresh rates—up to 50 times quicker than their old system—INTEGRIS Health’s leadership maintains access to timely data, facilitating more agile and informed strategic planning. Moreover, the organization’s reorganization of its analytics team under the vice president of continuous improvement through the TEMS model created a seamless integration of analytics and strategic operations, ensuring alignment with the leadership team’s vision.

This shift also broke down barriers between data scientists, analytics engineers, subject matter experts, and operations leaders, establishing a collaborative process where analytics team members collaborate closely with key stakeholders to address crucial business challenges using analytical insights. This organizational change, coupled with the ability to visualize key performance indicators quickly and accurately using population health applications, has enhanced the organization’s agility in responding to healthcare issues.

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