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Harness the Power of A.I. for Healthcare

Rise of Artificial Intelligence - Health Catalyst

Combine Human Expertise with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Augmented intelligence—the human-centered partnership of people and artificial intelligence (AI)—has tremendous potential to solve the complex challenges healthcare leaders face every day.

The combination of augmented intelligence and human insights can assist healthcare organizations in extracting vital information from vast datasets to make the best decision related to revenue, costs, operations, and quality of care.

Download Our White Paper to Learn:

  • How AI can help health systems expand the use of traditional business intelligence tools.
  • Why AI not only aids in clinical decision-making but also informs leaders’ long-term strategic planning.
  • The critical role AI plays in identifying health disparities and driving health equity.
  • How other health systems are using augmented intelligence to make informed decisions that lead to optimal patient outcomes.

“Health equity and AI are interconnected. Technology and AI need to help reduce health disparities, not exacerbate them. Partnering with Health Catalyst has enabled us to develop a health equity analytic framework, supporting our efforts to reduce the impact of personal characteristics such as gender, race, ethnicity, geography, language, sexual orientation, payer, or socioeconomic status on health outcomes in our community.”

– Ed Ewen, MD, Director, Clinical Data and Analytics, Center for Strategic Information Management

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