COVID 19: Capacity Planning Tool Q&A

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • The value of a capacity planning tool
  • Capacity planning tool and strategies
  • Demonstration of the Health Catalyst Capacity Planning Tool
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COVID 19: Capacity Planning Tool Q&A

Jason Jones, Ph.D., and John Hansmann, MSIE, FHIMSS, DSHS discuss the COVID-19 Capacity Planning Tool. Forecast your local COVID-19 demand in the context of your system capacity—and the subsequent impact of infection rates on care delivery capacity—to set expectations and inform mitigation strategy.

The COVID-19 Capacity Planning Tool is an epidemiologic approach to capacity management based on modeling the outbreak in local communities—and the subsequent impact of infection rates on the healthcare systems’ ability to respond in terms of beds, ICU availability, ventilators, etc.—all designed to fit within the decision flow of hospital leaders, operators, and analysts.

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