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Kristen McRae

Kristen McRae is a senior product management professional at Health Catalyst. Kristen brings years of experience focused around product managment and marketing communications in the healthcare industry. She graduated from BYU with a Bachelors in Art and an MBA, Marketing and Business Management.

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Adam Bell
Kristen McRae

Continuity of Care Documents: Today’s Top Solution for Healthcare Interoperability Demands

While healthcare waits for the expanded data interoperability that FHIR promises, the industry needs an immediate solution for accessing and using disparate data from across the continuum of care. With FHIR potentially several years away, continuity of care documents (CCDs) are the best option for acquiring the ambulatory clinical care data health systems need to close quality gaps today. Because organizations that rely only on claims data to drive quality improvement risk missing out on more that 80 percent of patient information, CCDs are the current must-have answer to interoperability for successful quality improvement.