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Aaron Neiderhiser

Aaron Neiderhiser joined Health Catalyst in April 2014 as a Data Architect. Prior to joining Health Catalyst, Aaron worked for Colorado Medicaid, managing ACO health analytics projects. Aaron is a graduate of Coe College and holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Colorado.

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Dorian DiNardo
Aaron Neiderhiser

Prioritizing Healthcare Projects to Optimize ROI

Healthcare organizations have long relied on traditional benchmarking to compare their performance to others and determine where they can do better; however, to identify the highest ROI improvement opportunities and understand how to take action, organizations need more comprehensive data.
Next-generation opportunity analysis tools, such as Health Catalyst® Touchstone™, use machine learning to identify projects with the greatest need for improvement and the greatest potential ROI. Because Touchstone determines prioritization with data from across the continuum of care, users can drive improvement decisions with information appropriate to their patient population and the domains they’re addressing.

Aaron Neiderhiser
Dorian DiNardo

Introducing Touchstone: The Next-Generation Healthcare Benchmarking and Opportunity Prioritization Tool

To do healthcare benchmarking effectively and efficiently, healthcare organizations need to know where they’re underperforming, where they’re performing well, and how to focus and prioritize their improvement efforts. They also need a new approach to benchmarking that isn’t limited to the inpatient setting.
The Health Catalyst® Touchstone™ product is the next-generation healthcare benchmarking and prioritization tool that delivers what antiquated benchmarking technologies cannot:

Risk-adjusted benchmarking across the full continuum of care.
Artificial intelligence-powered recommendations.
Ranked lists of improvement opportunities.
Detailed analytics and an intuitive user interface that enable the easy exploration of factors driving performance issues.
Democratized benchmarking that’s available to as many people as the organization wants.

Touchstone was designed with many users and use cases in mind, from population health analysts looking to improve ACO performance to C-suite leaders who need a data-driven approach to prioritizing improvement opportunities.

Aaron Neiderhiser
Ben Castleton
Bobbi Brown, MBA

Why Pioneer ACOs Are Disappearing and 3 Trends to Expect from the Exodus

Over half the Pioneer ACOs have dropped from the program in the last four years, despite achieving $304 million in savings, and fifty percent of the participating ACOs receiving shared savings reimbursements. Why the exodus? Overutilization and inconsistent performance benchmarking and attribution hindered the ability of many participants to achieve success. The overall impact of the program, however, has been a positive one for value-based care. In the next 3-5 years, providers and health systems will bear more of the financial risk of the populations they serve. The proliferation of data, and the tools to analyze and exchange it, will be critical to the long-term success of value-based care.