The Healthcare Data Warehouse Ebook: Why an EDW is Critical For Success

To navigate healthcare transformation, hospitals and other healthcare organizations will need a solid foundation built upon a data warehouse. This ebook helps organizations determine the best type of data warehouse for their needs, reviews the alternatives to data warehousing, explains the details of late-binding, lists the key criteria in selecting a data warehouse and analytics vendor, and gives real world examples of healthcare organizations who’ve used their data warehouses to help identify, develop and measure improvement projects and increase ROI.

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This handbook, almost a year in full-time development, is the summation of the best practices of leading clinicians and health systems in fundamental and systematic healthcare transformation efforts.  All healthcare delivery organizations will need to transform themselves in order to meet the quality, safety and cost challenges confronting healthcare. While this will require a true multidisciplinary, highly collaborative approach, real success will mandate the passionate engagement of clinical leaders. This handbook is a knowledge source for clinical, operational, and front-line caregivers, who are involved in improving processes, reducing harm, designing and implementing new care delivery models, and undertaking the difficult task of leading meaningful change on behalf of the patients they serve.  In detail, it covers the content, analytics, and deployment systems needed to provide meaningful and sustainable change.